Glycopyrrolate shortage?

It's still in stock, distributors say

Published: October 17, 2008
By Jennifer Fiala

Veterinarians are reporting a glycopyrrolate shortage, but of the three distributors contacted by the VIN News Service, just one reports a backorder.

Internet rumors have circulated of a raw materials shortage in relationship to the drug, but IVX Animal Health, believed by some to be the only maker of the drug currently used in veterinary medicine, claimed that they do not currently manufacture glycopyrrolate, despite submitting a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) NADA application to make generic glycopyrrolate in 2006. Instead, IVX Animal Health representatives referred to Fort Dodge Animal Health's status as the only manufacturer of glycopyrrolate approved by the agency for use in animals.

Yet a call to Fort Dodge reveals the company stopped manufacturing ROBINUL-V, the only brand-name version of glycopyrrolate in veterinary medicine, in August 2007. Officials did not give a reason for the discontinuation.

Despite the confusion, veterinarians still have access to the human-version of the drug, according to Webster Veterinary Supply Inc. and Butler Animal Health Supply. However, Midwest Veterinary Supply reports a backorder.

"All I can tell you is that we have it in stock, and we're not set to get another order in until November," says Dr. Scott Handler, Webster's director of Marketing, Communication and Education.

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