In pictures: dog disorders and their frequency

A snapshot of common canine ailments, including influence of age, sex, neutering

Published: September 23, 2021

A recent analysis of tens of thousands of primary care veterinary records gives insights into common disorders in dogs. This article provides nuggets of that insight in graphic form.

The data, released by Britain's VetCompass program at the Royal Veterinary College, is based on a sample of 22,333 dogs in the United Kingdom that were followed for a year and had all their health issues documented.

Dental disease and skin disorders ranked the highest in terms of frequency: They were found in 14% and 13%, respectively, of the pets, which were tracked in 2016. The study also examined how the prevalence of dozens of conditions was influenced by age, sex and whether the animal was intact or neutered (including spayed).

The following illustrations give the frequency of selected conditions — by way of a percentage of their occurrence in the sample of dogs — and the median age at which each occurred. In some conditions, sex and neuter status appeared to make notable differences; those instances are noted, as well.

The information is derived from the article Prevalence of commonly diagnosed disorders of UK dogs under primary veterinary care: results and applications, published in February in BMC Veterinary Research.

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