No dues increase — this time, AVMA reports

$29.6 million budget detailed during annual convention

July 21, 2008 (published)
By Jennifer Fiala

New Orleans — The American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) financial health is so good, the group’s 74,000-plus members will not see a dues increase next year.   

The $250 annual fee has remained static since 2004, yet Treasurer Dr. Bret Marsh warns a small hike might be ordered for 2010. 

The announcement comes from the AVMA’s House of Delegates meeting, which kicked off last Thursday in New Orleans prior to the group’s annual convention. According to the treasurer’s report, AVMA’s 2009 budget totals more than $29.6 million, with income over expenses reaching $95,978.

Dues income, reflecting an anticipated 2-percent growth in membership in 2009, represents AVMA’s biggest money maker, bringing more than $16.8 million, the report shows.  

As for outflow, the group’s 2008 expense report shows staff salaries and expenses total 45 percent, or $13 million, of the $28.7 million budgeted for expenditures. Other big cost centers include last year’s annual meeting in Washington ($3 million), publishing expenses for the group’s two journals ($2.95 million) and travel expenditures ($2.2 million). 

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