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February 22, 2011 (published) | February 22, 2011 (revised)

The VIN News Service was created in 2008 as the news media arm of the Veterinary Information Network, the largest online information service devoted to veterinary medicine. Since 1991, VIN has served as a community where colleagues connect to share medical cases and their experiences navigating life, business and the profession. VIN is for veterinarians, by veterinarians. The VIN News Service, like VIN, is advertiser-free, supported by the dues of VIN members. We can be reached at



The VIN News Service is an independent newsgathering service that examines issues of concern, importance and interest to the veterinary community, and communicates veterinary perspectives to the public. Our goal is to provide unbiased, accurate, insightful news reports and analyses that explore topics and viewpoints not commonly covered by other media outlets. We seek to be an indispensable source for trusted information relevant to the veterinary profession. The VIN News Service does not accept advertising or sponsorships. It is funded solely by the Veterinary Information Network, an online professional community with more than 65,000 members around the world.


Reprint policy

VIN News Service articles, except commentaries, may be freely reprinted, provided:

  • The article appears unaltered and in its entirety, without added images, hotlinks or text.
  • The reprint prominently and clearly identifies the VIN News Service as the original source and provides the VIN News Service URL or a hotlink to the original article.
  • This statement prominently accompanies the article: The VIN News Service is not affiliated with [insert name of your entity].

Commentaries may not be reprinted without explicit written permission. Contact

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Letters policy

We welcome timely letters about articles. Letters must be submitted exclusively to VIN News and include the author's full name and contact information. Writers of letters selected for publication will be notified. Published letters may appear on our public website and on a message board of the Veterinary Information Network, a members-only community for the profession and parent of the VIN News Service. Email submissions to


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Meet the news team

Reporters and editors:

Edie Lau
Edie is the VIN News Service director and has been reporting and editing for VIN News since 2008. Before that, she covered science, energy, the environment, education and whatever else needed doing at newspapers in Sacramento, California; Portland, Maine; Binghamton, New York; and Stockton, California. Edie has a bachelor's degree in English from the University of California, Berkeley. She lives near Seattle with her husband, daughter and two canine associates. She can be reached at
Lisa Wogan
Lisa is a reporter and editor for the VIN News Service. She has written countless profiles, issue pieces, essays and breaking news for regional and national magazines and newspapers. She was managing editor for Seattle magazine, a contributing editor and blogger for Bark magazine and a frequent contributor to The Seattle Times, Ms. and Washington Law & Politics. She's also written books, including "Dog Park Wisdom: Real World Advice on Choosing, Caring For, and Understanding Your Canine Companion." Lisa counts herself lucky to have shared her Seattle home with a dog-loving husband and three husky-mix pups. She can be reached at
Jennifer Fiala
Jennifer is a writer and editor for the VIN News Service who's spent nearly 20 years covering the veterinary profession. Prior to joining VIN in 2008, she worked for DVM Newsmagazine and several newspapers in the Cleveland area. Jennifer has a bachelor's degree in newspaper journalism from Kent State University. She and her husband share a home in Bay Village, Ohio, with their two daughters, a dog and a leopard tortoise. She can be reached at
Ross Kelly
Ross is a London-based reporter who covers the United Kingdom and other international beats for the VIN News Service. He has around 15 years' experience as a journalist and editor, having worked for outfits including the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo UK and the Australian Associated Press. Ross has a bachelor's degree in environmental biology and a graduate diploma in journalism, both from the University of Technology, Sydney. He can be reached at
Christy Corp-Minamiji
Christy graduated with a DVM degree from the University of California, Davis, in 1996. She worked in the livestock biologics industry and spent a decade working in large animal ambulatory medicine before joining VIN as a full-time writer in 2011. In addition to reporting for the VIN News Service, Christy writes for VetzInsight, an education blog for pet owners and VIN subsidiary. Her professional interests include equine medicine and surgery, food animal emergency medicine and veterinary-client communications. Christy lives near Davis, California, where she enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, painting and chocolate. She can be reached at
Emma Scher
Emma is a reporting intern for the VIN News Service. She is a graduate of the University of Washington, with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public interest communication, and sociology. She has covered local news in Seattle and the state legislature in Olympia; and worked for Awoko Newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Emma is based in Seattle with her deaf boxer puppy, Pigeon. She can be reached at

Support staff:

Phyllis DeGioia
Phyllis is a copyeditor, proofreader and occasional reporter for the VIN News Service, as well as editor of VIN's client education resources, and She has been writing about veterinary medicine and pets since 2000, and has been with VIN since 2002. Published in numerous pet-related websites and magazines, Phyllis has a degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She lives with one feisty Pomeranian mix, one sweet collie, and still misses her late cat.
Cindi Drake
Cindi joined the VIN News Service staff in late 2018 and has been with VIN since 2009. As part of the content team, she not only helps the news team format content for publishing but works on various projects across VIN, which keeps her busy and knowledgeable about many aspects of the VIN operation. Cindi relocated from VIN headquarters in Northern California to Southern California in the spring of 2018 with her partner and two dogs.
Tamara Rees
Tamara has been a lifelong artist with an interest in science, beginning as a pastel and pencil sketch artist, dabbling in summer school at the San Francisco Academy of Art, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Genetics from UC Davis. She began digital graphic design and vector art in 1994, with her first desktop computer before joining VIN in 1996. For more than 20 years she has enjoyed the challenges of expressing thoughts and science concepts through art. She has composed medical illustrations for three textbooks and VIN certified education courses, plus graphics for the VIN News Service. She has three twenty-something daughters and lives in Davis, California, with her husband, miniature schnauzer Molly and three rabbits, Lilly, Hugo and Murry.
Susan Alexander
Susan is a second-career library professional who published books and journals for University of California Press before joining VIN in 2014. She has managed VIN's Journals database (3.5 million articles and counting) since 2018, and monitors open-access and copyright concerns for the collection. Susan holds a degree in English from UC Berkeley and works from home in California’s Sacramento Valley.


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