Managing your Pop-up Blocker
Revised: September 27, 2022
Published: June 27, 2014

Ramiro Polina

A pop-up blocker is a tool built in to the browser that prevents Web site pop-ups from displaying.

The challenge with this software is to distinguish a valid pop-up from an advertisement.
VIN will never utilize pop-ups as advertisements.

To disable your browser's pop-up blocker, follow the steps that apply to your browser:

Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)
Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 10)
Google Chrome
Android phone/tablet (chrome browser)
Allowing Pop-ups from URL bar

Microsoft Edge (Windows 10)

  • Open the desktop, and then tap or click the Microsoft Edge icon on the taskbar.

  • Click the More icon (three dots) in the upper right corner of the window.

  • Click Settings.

  • Click Cookies and Site Permissions.
  • Click Pop-ups and Redirects.

  • Click on the toggle to turn the pop-up blocker off.

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Internet Explorer 11 (Windows 10) - *Note: Microsoft No longer supports IE11. It is Recommended to use Edge instead.

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Click the tools icon (cog) in the upper right corner of the window.
  • Click on Internet Options.

  • Choose the Privacy tab at the top of the window that opens.
  • Uncheck the box next to Turn on Pop-up Blocker and then click on Apply.


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  • Click Settings from the menu along the top. 

  • Click on Privacy & Security.
  • Under Privacy & Security scroll down and uncheck the box next to Block pop-up windows.



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Google Chrome

  • Click the Chrome menu button and then Settings.

  • Click Privacy & Security then Site Settings.

  • Click on Pop ups and Redirects.

  • Click on the radio button next to Sites can send pop ups and redirects to allow pop ups.

Google Chrome (Alternative Method to managing pop-up blocker)

*Note: This method may not appear on all sites

  • Click on the Lock icon on the URL bar.

  • On the drop-down option next to Pop-ups and redirects select Allow.


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  • Open Safari, and then click Safari from the top menu.

  • In the menu that appears, choose Preferences.

  • In the window that appears, choose Websites from the icons at the top. Then select Pop up Windows 

  • From the When visiting other websites drop down, select Allow

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  • From the home screen, open the Settings app.

  • Find Safari in the list on the left.
  • In the Safari settings, be sure that Block pop-ups is turned off.



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Android phone/tablet (Chrome)

  • Open the Chrome browser application on your device.
  • Open the menu by clicking the appropriate menu button on the bowser.
  • From the menu, choose Settings.

  • Under the Advanced section, choose Site Settings.

  • Under Site Settings, choose Pop-ups and redirects.

  • Select the toggle next to Pop-ups and redirects.


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Allowing Pop ups from URL Bar

  • When a pop up has been blocked, select the 'Blocking Pop ups' icon on the URL bar
  • From there, the option to allow pop ups on the site will be displayed
  • Select the 'Always allow pop-ups and redirects from...' radio button
  • Select 'Done'