Your VIN Membership in a Payment Group
Published: May 06, 2022
Karen James

Starting or joining a VIN Membership payment group? Take a moment to read these answers to questions members frequently ask about how VIN Membership payment groups work.

Is a hospital account different from a payment group?

Actually, there is no such thing as a hospital account. Membership payment groups allow hospitals with multiple veterinarians to pay one membership fee at a group rate. Everyone in the payment group will use their own individual private log-in details to access VIN.

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I was added to a payment group, do I cancel my current membership?

No, you don't need to cancel your current personal membership. You'll continue to use your existing personal account to access VIN. Membership payment groups only define how your membership fee is paid.

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I was added to a payment group do I need to change my username and password? 

No, you'll continue to use your existing personal log-in details to access VIN, even if you change employers or payment groups.

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Will I get a refund for my unused paid membership time?

Yes, when you join a payment group, you'll receive a pro-rated refund for any unused membership time you have left. VIN Membership Services will send you an email about your transition to the payment group and when you can expect your refund if any.

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Will I lose my bookmarks, preferences, or any other personal settings?

No, when you join a payment group nothing about your current personal membership or your relationship with VIN or the VIN community will change in any way.

Regardless of where you work or who pays for it, your VIN membership is private and for your own use only. Your personalizations and settings will remain the same. Because your membership remains private when you join a payment group, you'll still be able to :

  • personalize your VIN profile.
  • set your preferences so VIN behaves as you want.
  • personalize your message board experience and add an automatic signature.
  • receive subscription notices when your message board query receives a response.
  • manage your own MyStuff (bookmarks), and subscriptions.
  • access your individual search activity and recently viewed pages.
  • obtain CE credit for classes and eligible rounds.
  • keep your username and other security information secure.
  • use VIN from separate locations (home, office, or traveling.)

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I was added to a payment group, but I am not a current VIN member. How do I get started on VIN?

Welcome to VIN! Soon you'll get an email from VIN Membership Services with details about how to get started exploring VIN. Keep an eye out for an Instant Access email with a personalized link that you'll use to choose your username, password, and other login credentials. It's important that you choose login information that is personal to you since that information stays with you no matter where you work or who pays for your membership.
Note: If you're not receiving messages from VIN in your inbox, please check your spam/junk email box and add to your safe sender list in your email app.

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Do you share my activity or VIN log-in with the administrator of the payment group?

No, VIN will never share any information about you or your VIN usage with anyone without your permission. Payment group administrators cannot access your private VIN account.

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I changed employers, how do I switch payment groups?

If you're joining a new payment group, please contact VIN Membership Services with the name of the payment group administrator. We'll get in touch with them to confirm your addition to the group and make the necessary adjustments to your billing.

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How do I leave a payment group?

Log in to your account and use MyVIN > Membership > Renewal to automatically tell us the date you are leaving the group and how you want to pay going forward. You'll be able to provide credit card information securely via MyVIN. If you'd rather talk to someone directly, contact VIN Membership Services and we'll be happy to get things set up for you. Please remember you should never send your credit card payment information via email.

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VIN Terms of Service exist to maintain a secure network and protect the integrity of VIN as a community for veterinarians only. Members accessing VIN should do so with their individual, personal secure information, set up within their own personal VIN membership account. Colleagues working in the same practice should not share a single VIN membership or username.