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Arson suspected at Washington practice

Employee charged with setting the blaze

August 7, 2008
By Jennifer Fiala

Poulsbo, Wash. — An veterinary practice employee has pleaded not guilty to first-degree arson after allegedly setting fire to the clinic where he worked on Tuesday.

Alfred Friedrich, 52, of East Bremerton, Wash., reportedly admitted to a Kitsap County sheriffs deputy that he torched Big Valley Animal Care Center in Poulsbo, Wash., following a pay dispute. He is in jail on $250,000 bond, Kitsap Court Superior Court records show. 

According to a sheriff's report, no humans were injured in the blaze, but a clinic cat died due to complications related to smoke inhalation.

Owner Dr. Michael Cable, who also operates a horse boarding facility on the property, did not return phone calls seeking comment by press time. 




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