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Brakke to release economic downturn report

Study to publish in mid-December

October 10, 2008
By: Jennifer Fiala
For The VIN News Service

Dallas — As America faces a recession and wild economic times, Brakke Consulting plans to study the impact of the downturn on pet product purchases including visits to veterinarians.

At press time, Brakke Senior Consultant John Volk was preparing to send out questionnaires to up to 400 veterinarians and an undisclosed number of pet owners to see if their attitudes about the economy and future pet spending relate.

The veterinary section of the report, titled The Economy and Pet Care, will examine how the economy is affecting patient visits, average transaction charges and clients’ willingness to spend on medical recommendations. It also will touch on whether or not veterinarians are changing their own purchasing and clinic investment spending habits, a Brakke news release says.

“Veterinary medicine has been somewhat recession resistant in the last few years,” Volk says. “But the veterinarians I’ve talked to have felt this.”

The study is slated for completion in mid-December. Copies are priced at $5,995 plus shipping.

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