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Georgia to licensees: You need communications, ethics training

CE change effective Jan. 1 for the state's 2009-2010 renewal cycle.

September 11, 2008
By: Jennifer Fiala
For The VIN News Service

Atlanta — Georgia regulators now require licensees to have at least two hours of continuing education (CE) in state laws, rules and professionalism.

The change, passed unanimously last month by the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine, responds to what officials characterize as a disproportionate number of complaints against licensees that involve communication issues. The Board also cites a number of cases where DVMs have been ordered to take classes on ethics to resolve a matter.

The amendment takes effect Jan. 1 for the state’s 2009-2010 biennial renewal cycle. The minimum 30 continuing education hours necessary for renewal remains unchanged.

Regulators also passed a new rule requiring registered veterinary technicians to obtain at least 10 hours of CE every two years as part of the technician’s biennial licensure renewal process. Licensed technicians will be required to maintain records of approved CE attended between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2010. Those who fail to meet the minimum CE requirements will not be eligible for renewal certification.

A veterinary technician initially licensed during the first year of a biennium must complete five CE hours. A veterinary technician licensed during the second year of a biennium is exempt from obtaining CE for that renewal period.

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